Monday, June 6, 2011


This weekend I attended the Woodruff Place garage sale with my friend, Amanda. It was like a bazillion degrees out (I hoped she wasn't too worried about me when my face turned a deep shade of pink/purple), but we had an amazing time, and each came home with our own treasured finds.

I am a big garage saler. I've always been amused by looking at other people's "stuff," and am amazed at how true it is that "one man's trash is another man's treasure!" The trick is to not go with anything in mind. Just be open to finding something that jumps out at you!!!

Recently, some of my best garage sale finds have been the people that I meet. A few months back, Mom and I met 2 lovely ladies and after talking for quite some time, we exchanged email addresses, and we've even kept in touch!!! We also met another woman in my neighborhood who, after her husband passed away, has felt God's still, quiet voice calling her to leave her life here and follow Him. She's not sure exactly where, but she's being obedient to His calling, and is following Him!!!! And then there was the sweet old man who, by his own admission had "memory problems," and wore a sign around his neck that said "Not for Sale!" LOL!!! He was a HOOT!!!!

In addition to these wonderful people, I met another heart treasure on Saturday. As we walked down the street, a tall group of shrubs slowly unveiled a lawn full of paintings. Gorgeous paintings, done in oil, and on cardboard!!! Cardboard of all things!!! The shapes were beautifully organic, the colors were smoothly blended, and my heart leapt inside my chest. I had to meet the artist!!!

A young girl came down from the house and told me about how the paintings were just experimental. She had joined with a pianist who played while she painted. Since they were just trying things out, they wanted to keep the cost cheap, so that is how she landed on the cardboard. I wanted to hug her!!! I explained to her how I used to teach Junior High, and that I had the students do this exact same experiment with colored pencils after we studied Wassily Kandinsky! We would study the lines, shapes, colors, and feelings of his paintings, what they could have represented, and then we just created while listening to music.

Oh, I can't tell you how much I enjoy meeting people like this. I should have bought one of those paintings. I know that now. I think my judgment was too impaired at the time by the extreme temperatures, but I would have loved to have had that art in my home simply for the story and the memory.


  1. What a lovely day! Sorry you missed out on the art, but the memories will be yours forever!
    Thanks for your kind comment at Red Hen Home.

  2. i think that's awesome about the girl who made those paintings! that's great!