Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flowers and Football

 Quite a combo, right?!  Not if you live with Ava and Landon!!!  My friend, Katie, from high school is an extremely talented photographer, and a wonderful mother to 2, almost 3, of the most adorable kids ever!!!

Ava is going to be sharing her room with her new little sister, Haddie, in just a few weeks now!  To help consolidate, her dad build her this awesome bed with storage underneath!
 I painted flowers in the room to match the bedding, and put the girl's names on the wall above their beds.
 Ava loved all of her flowers, and now she has a colorful space to play with her Barbies and Littlest Petshops!
 We didn't want Landon to be left out, so I made over his room, too!  First of all, let me tell you that Landon has my dream room.  He lives in the basement (which is a rough term since it's a finished space, and very nice).  It's away from the rest of the family, and feels very "Box Car Children-ish," which Landon has just started reading. 

Landon loved the ideas of turning the cut outs on his walls into "lockers," and his parents came up with the score board idea for his book cabinet.
 We continued with the sports theme above his bead.
 This is my favorite mural so far!  I think it was the lockers and score board, but the over all look was so much fun!!!
 I really liked painting at their house.  They were gone most of the time, but while we were there, we jammed out to some Tim McGraw and Justin Beiber.  The best part was when both kids were standing on either side of me on the bed and belting out "Baby!"  It was priceless, and I wanted to take them both home with me after that.
Thanks Landon and Ava for letting me adorn your walls!  I had a blast with you guys!

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