Friday, August 5, 2011

Local Celebrity

 That's right.  I'm kind of a big deal ;)  You see, I get calls all the time for appearances at local events, broadcasts, radio shows...the usual.  People. Love. Me.

Please tell me you don't think I'm serious!!!  I just like to mess around a little.  Live in my fantasy world.  Pretend I'm an A-lister.  :)

Actually, I got a sweet set up at our local bank!  Apparently, they do a Business of the Month, and my dad signed me up for August!!!
 I got this whole table to set up my goods, and promote myself a bit!!!  Unfortunately, I only have about 20 business cards left after the the Fishers Freedom Festival, so those who don't get in there fast enough will have to just write my info on their money ;)
 I'm super pumped to have this awesome set up as free advertisement!!!
 I tried to put a little bit of everything to advertise all I've got!!!  Hope it works well!
If you live around here, be sure to stop in the 5/3 Bank on 146th and Hazeldell!!!


  1. I like the cloth on the table! That is so neat!

  2. Hey!!! I love your blog! So cute! That is so great that you have your own display in a bank! AWESOME! I am your newest follower!

    xoxo, Ashley J @

  3. What a great opportunity, and your display looks great!

  4. I'm a little behind on my blog reading, but this is awesome! I hope it went well.