Sunday, August 28, 2011


I made T's birthday cake this year...and probably will for the rest of his life, unless he decides he likes something else better :)

I keep things simple...for starters, and stick to the box cakes.  They are YUMMY and pretty fast.  I ended up making 6 different cakes, all of which were put together into 2!  His smash cake was chocolate with rainbow chip icing filling...yeah, I know, I rock :)

The big cake had a funfetti base with a top chocolate tier, both with the rainbow chip filling :)

 Now, despite my Wilton classes, most of my techniques were just picked up from here and there.  One of the things I do is make a base for the cake.  This make it easier to move and work with.  Sooooo, instead of buying the pre-cut Wilton cake bases, which would be too easy ;), I make my own.

If you're like me and have a constant supply of diapers and wipes, you basically have everything you need for this step.  Add some wax paper, and you're good to go!

 I traced the pans I was using for the cakes on the card board, and then cut away!  After that, I just layed the circles on the wax paper, taped it on and I was good to go!

 3 bases for my 3 cakes!
 Ok, now here is where there is a lack of pictures. 

I used this wonderful marshmallow fondant recipe from this site, and this super quick and easy video to help me put the fondant on the cake.  I'm really glad that I went with the marshmallow fondant because it tasted so good! 

Now, for the lack of pictures.  If you read the recipe, you'll see that I was dealing with gooey marshmallows, powdered sugar, a broken sifter, and more Crisco then I'd like to have my hands on again ;)  Big A was in the garage building something, and although we've practiced, Sookie wouldn't take the pictures ;)

So, this is how it turned out!
 Now, remember, this was my first time!!!  There are a few creases because my fondant may or may not have started unrolling itself off the rolling pin and I had to throw it on the cake and make it work :)

All in all, I was super pumped, and did a little Chandler dance around the kitchen as I called my sisters and mom to tell them that it worked!!!  (I had a plan B just in case a teething biscuit type situation occurred)

I then moved on to the decorations.  My older sister had recently suggested that I try working with Airheads and/or Laffy Taffy to add the details to my cake, instead of trying to color my fondant.  Great idea!!!

I bought a multi-pack at a gas station and had all the colors I needed!!!  Since it was an Eric Carle themed party, I went to work on those adorable colored dots from The Hungry Caterpillar book, and the huge sunshine!!!  I heated the Airheads for about 5 seconds in the microwave, which made them easier to work with.  I also wore rubber gloves to keep from dieing my fingers, and it worked very well.

This was the end result!!!  We had bought candles that made up his name before he was even born, and the were perfect!!!

His smash cake was pretty easy.  I didn't fiddle with the fondant, and just colored white icing.  This cake was themed after the book off to the right in the picture about a little cloud.  Super cute, and adorable blue cake!! It was a hit!!!  Turns out T likes food ;)

So, that's all for the cakes!  :)


  1. First time are you serious? That turned out so cute! And we highly reccomend sister blogs they're great! Jamie @